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Public movement of assistance to the People of Ukraine

Tbilisi, Georgia
Our centre unites volunteers from all walks of life. We work for free. The space for the centre is provided free of charge.

Our centre opened its doors on March 2nd, 2022. In the first weeks of the war we bent our efforts to collect and ship humanitarian aid to Ukrain. It all changed in the beginning of April when Tbilisi saw a huge influx of refugees, who have been our main priority ever since. Today we provide clothes, food, and medicine to Ukarainian refugees in Tbilisi.

Your donations are our only source of income. Your generosity allowes us to provide food, medicine, and other essentials to the refugees every day

Also we accept help from the caring people. You can bring anything from our list of needs and it’ll be given to one’s who need it. Also you can donate us money, clothes, or become a volunteer yourself.
Our banking details
to buy humanitarian aid:
TBC bank account (GEL, USD, EUR):
Sofiya Gerich
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List of requests
Dear Friends!
Here we gathered the list of requests from refugees that we couldn't satisfy yet. Choose any request to help us to help!

We sorted all requests by category and collected urgent requests in a special section.

You can meet all needs specified in the request or only some of them. If you donate several positions from the request, let us know so that we exclude them from the list. Any help is appreciated!

You can bring the requested items to our Centre (7 Tsotne Dadiani St (Karvasla mall), 2nd Floor, section A204) or to contact us to get the direct contacts of the person you're helping.

! Please leave your contacts in the form below and we'll reach you out! You can also contact our volunteers via Telegram (Sergey @cielo_despejado, Alexey @Alexey_Kondratyev) to check the status of requests.

Currently, the list or requests is available only in Russian. Contact our volunteers if you need help with translation.

These and other photos of our center on Google Drive

Photos by Gleb Eryomenko, Alexey Zamorsky, Ivan Belozerov

Other helping organisations in Tbilisi
ТВОЯ УКРАЇНА. The official channel of the volunteer center - ТВОЯ УКРАЇНА - in Tbilisi. Here we publish all the necessary information.
Dopomoga Ukraini - a project of the Motskhleba Foundation which helps Ukrainian citizens to leave for Georgia and get all the necessary help and support here.
Helping to leave. Volunteers Tbilisi. Telegram channel of support center at 20 Grishashvili st., Tbilisi. There you can get groceries and basic aid kit.
Volunteers Tbilisi. Telegram channel of the support center at 20 Grishashvili st., Tbilisi, where you can get groceries and basic aid kit.
A project to help People of Ukraine from Russian emigration, actively opposing the war and putinism. Location: Tbilisi, Georgia
Nino Katamadze Foundation. A project helping Ukrainian refugees to build a new life in Georgia. The foundation specializes in finding suitable jobs and helps with any problems that may arise.

7 Tsotne Dadiani St (Karvasla mall), 2nd Floor, section A204, Tbilisi

Tel: 591040225

Monday — Friday, 12:00 — 19:00
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